Jesus Outreach Center Christian Community, and our Ministries

We are a  non-denominational Christian Community, a ministry, a fellowship and the place of worship for the rest of us. A place to help other people in need, a part of the body of the Glorious Church of  Jesus Christ -  in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior ... and everyone is welcome!  There’s no dress code or dry sermons. Each week thousands of students from dozens of campuses gather under one roof, the roof of God and Jesus Christ. No facades, just honest faith. The Campus Ministry is turning a diverse community to the heart of God. Join us as students who are preparing to be educators, preachers, teachers, dads, lawyers,  nurses, moms, and businessmen and woman. Discover the answers to their deepest questions – discovering who God really is. Contact us to learn about the various ministries that are on or near your Campus. Discover how to become a ministry partner. Please support all Jesus Outreach Center Christian Community ministries. Jesus needs You. Please join us, 

Jesus Loves You,  Never Forget.

God is constantly inviting each of us into a deeper and more intimate walk with Him. The God of the universe tapping you on the shoulder every moment of the day.  Our lives are so full of noise and activity that we seldom notice. The process of one's personal spiritual formation involves becoming more and more attentive and responsive to His constant invitation. Jesus Loves You. 

God Bless You,

Evangelist - Scott B. Gnatt